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The Juniors meet every Monday from 6.45pm until 8.30pm at the Hoddesdon Methodist church, except during school holidays.

The weekly evening programme provides various challenges, through stories, games, badge work and other activities. These involve social, spiritual, physical or adventure, split into five sections: - 1) Body-fit for fun 2) Mind-think and do 3) Spirit-God and men 4) Community-my world and me 5) Creativity-make and do.

Boys have the chance to take part in Battalion competitions, events and activities. These take place on Saturdays, with one on a Friday evening. They also have the opportunity to attend a weekend Battalion camp, usually held in June, and our own summer camp, staying in a Parish hall near a flat beach and the sea.

The Juniors, along with the other two sections are expected to attend Church Parades which are held every two months from October until May. They are often asked and encouraged to take a small part in these services.

Throughout their time in Juniors the boys are able to learn about themselves and how to work together, get to know other people, to think of others, learn about and explore their community and develop personally. Above all things Juniors is about having fun, making friends, enjoying activities and trying out new things.

For further information please contact Bob and Maggie Buckley (Leaders) at bobmaggie@btinternet.com